Career Development and Inclusive Right for Persons with Disabilities Initiative

we carryout continuous Disability Awareness Programme that is geared towards subsiding the stereotypical mindset of the society towards persons with disabilities, hence providing vast opportunities for everyone to get involved in creating a positive and inclusive society for all


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Community orientation/sensitization programmes

Organizing periodic sensitization programmes to educate the members of the societies of the need to work and accommodate persons with disabilities and as well exposing them to opportunities made available them.

Assistive aid empowerment

We provide in our little capacity some assistive devices that will help persons with disabilities live independently without relying total on others for survival and as well give them information on the Provision and availability of assistive devices that aids their education and other daily activities. We also provide them with information on the availability of resources provided by the government and other cooperate organizations.

Educational Support

We Help in the provision of Educational support for students with special needs more especially in poor communities ensuring that they meet their educational and persona-social needs.

Right advocacy programme

Identifying and advocating for the right of persons with disabilities particularly those who are abused, stigmatized, discriminated, and marginalized. We achieve this by going to schools, workplaces, religious centres, and communities to do one-one discussion with these citizens with the primary aim of knowing their challenges as regards to societal participation and inclusion.

Catch them young

This prograames is geared towards identify hidden talents in these children and harnessing them for better utilization and productivity. This is done through early identification and teaching them skills to cope with their present condition and in providing early educational opportunities for them.

Vocational opportunity programmes

Providing and Empowering persons with disabilities with career and vocational skills, equipping them with life skills to help solve their individual needs and as well contribute their quota to societal development. Here, we also help them to access vocational training centres made available for them.


we provide all forms of support for the elderly and the once with disabilities who are finding it difficult to cope with their daily lives. Our target here is to provide a home for elderly who may have developed disabilities as a result of old age or may have experienced disabilities at the youthful age but currently does not have anyone to cater and care for them and are abandoned at home but requires stable interaction and communication with other members of the society.

"Help persons with disabilities by giving your time and support to a worthy cause."

Make them happy

We provide series of entertainment programme to persons with disabilities for the purpose of making them happy and as well restoring their lost social life. In this programme we organize end of the year party, Christmas party, school party and other social activities.

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